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 "Project Zeus"(Not a character...a Legendary Monst

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PostSubject: "Project Zeus"(Not a character...a Legendary Monst   Mon Oct 08, 2007 9:52 am

Name of BattleD Trainer: NONE

Monster's Name: Projet_Zeus

Monster's Advantage: Water,Nature,Darkness

Monster's Weakness: Fire, Darkness

Monster's Description:

Legendary Monster*

Charging Fury: Charges a big blast...(Have to wait 3 turns)
Daz Dingo: Heals half of its health
Hammer Of Zeus: High dmg and stuns foe for 2 turns
Mt.Olympus: Big tsunami!

Others: Can be captured!!!! By only monster higher lvl then 50
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"Project Zeus"(Not a character...a Legendary Monst
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